We try to minimize the amount of work at the installation site by maximizing the speed in installing and finishing work. The Areabuilt team will prepare all pieces of work from our factory including polishing and waxing. Each piece is well wrapped employing both proper cushioning and clampin so that the work pieces are not affected while moving. They are entirely moved via safe transportation provided by our team. When our team arrives at the installation site, the area will be protected to prevent damage from the work. Your entire house is our concern -- the team are carefully start assembling the workpieces according to plan.

During the installation process the team will work carefully at every step to ensure that everything is in order and in perfect condition. When the installation is completed, the staff will recheck the work again to make it flawless. We want to ensure Areabuilt’s built-in furniture will stay with your family and home as long as possible.

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